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How To Use Lavender, Clary Sage And Chamomile Essential Oils For Stress Reduction

The stressors of daily life are sometimes overwhelming as people struggle with personal and professional demands. If you are among them, you need natural solutions that will treat your symptoms and allow you to enjoy living again. Superior to pharmaceutical solutions, which can have side effects and addictive qualities, essential oils are a proven medical aid.

Although many oils will provide you some relief, three of the best choices for combatting stress are chamomile, lavender and sage. You can try each individually or use two or three of them together to maximize the benefits received.

The therapeutic oils complement each other with an amazing synergistic effect. By combining the oils in a treatment session, you will receive more relief that using each individually, even if it is the same day. Often, essential oil effects are heightened when mixed, making the sum greater than the parts. The amounts used for each oil will also influence the final effects, so experiment to see which blends are most suitable for you.

Lavender is one of the most popular and oldest essential oils in use today. The plant itself originates from a Latin word associated with washing, due to the clean fresh fragrance of the little purple flowers. Use of this essential oil will improve your circulation and reduce your blood pressure, resulting in higher levels of blood oxygenation. The boost of oxygen improves cognitive function and the relaxation allows you to channel your thoughts into productive actions.

The oil has a direct influence on the autonomic nervous system; you will quickly notice nervous tension slipping away once used. Additionally, lavender essential oil will reduce symptoms associated with stress including depression, anxiety and severe headaches.

The chamomile flower also has a well-known reputation though more people know about the benefits of tea made from the flowers than the essential oil. However, it is a perfect choice for treating chronic stress and an array of other disorders. It is important to note that two types of chamomile essential oil are regularly sold by natural products distributors.

Roman and German chamomile essential oils both have valuable functions though Roman is superior in regards to stress. Save the German for treating skin ailments and use the Roman variety for balancing emotions and cognitive functions.

The fruity herbal scented oil was used in ancient Egyptian and Scandinavian culture as a regular medical practice. Though you do not have to associate the floral oil with the sun god as they did, you can experience the same therapeutic effects enjoyed by them and countless others since.

Similar to chamomile, more than one plant in the sage family is used to create essential oils. Sage and clary sage are the most common, though some retailers may offer Spanish sage as well. In regards to treating your stress and related symptoms, clary sage is the superior choice among the three. Sage, salvia officinalis, provides an incredible boost to your immune system and is frequently used in skin care products.

Clary sage, salvia sclarea, has a slightly different chemical make-up and thus affects the human body in unique ways. When you use clary sage to treat chronic stress, a wide assortment of positive mental and emotional outcomes will occur quickly. If your stress is PTSD related, this oil is particularly useful for restoring happiness and calm. It has a warm, nutty aroma which blends well with lavender and Roman chamomile.

A few words of caution: When purchasing the oils, look for products that have undergone third-party testing and have impeccable online reputations. Learn about carrier oils and other methods of dilution for application before you begin. Never ingest any essential oil nor apply undiluted directly to your skin.

Free yourself from the debilitating effects of chronic stress by incorporating these three essential oils into your life. You deserve to have happy days and restful nights!

Shana Smith is a natural health enthusiast and successful business owner. She owns a site,, which is dedicated to natural health remedies and aromatherapy.



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