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Diabetic Skin Care

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Women's Essential Epilator with Shaving Attachment by Remington

Price: 69.99

A high sugar level in your blood can certainly not stop you from looking beautiful- Try out the new Remington Essential Epilator that adds in to your beauty by providing a smoother looking skin. Operable with 2 adjustable speed settings, the curved tweezer barrel removes the hair at the root, with less irritation. With a washable epilator head, this machine comes with a recharging feature as well.

Diabetic Skin Cream by Diabet-X

Price: 9.99
Invacare Supply Group

A diabetic body is more prone to skin infections. Why not prevent these infections before they actually sprout out? With a calculated blend of Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, D & E, the Diabet-X Skin Cream does exactly that! Gently exfoliating the dried up scalp while rehydrating it simultaneously, this 4 oz. enriched moisturizing formula also soothes the soring skin with its anti-bacterial action.

Diabetic Anti-Fungal Skin Treatment by Diabet-X

Price: 6.99
Invacare Supply Group

Are you a diabetic? Is your skin appearing to be soggy in between your toes, or is it itchy or burning? These can be signs of a susceptible fungal infection and can be dangerous if not treated. Try out the Diabet-X Anti-Fungal Skin Treatment that cures fungal complications while promoting a faster healing and a better looking skin.

Diabetic Body Wash by Diabet-X

Price: 9.99
Invacare Supply Group

Let your skin be moisturized automatically as the antibacterial formula fights off germs and bacteria as you bathe; doing away with the cumbersome task of reapplying moisturizer every time you step out of the bath. This special body wash by Diabet-X is tailor made for dry skin (a common side effect of diabetes) and will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and germ-free for hours! Try it to feel the difference!

Diabetic Foot Callus Treatment by Diabet-X

Price: 9.99
Invacare Supply Group

Hating the rough, dry calluses that keep on appearing on your feet, heels and fingertips due to your high glucose levels? Need an effective solution? Try out our Diabet-X Callus Treatment! The active Triclosan gently softens and eliminates the calluses while providing you with an additional bacteria protection at the same time. Ideal for diabetics! Visible results from day one!

Intense Fast Healing Cream for Diabetics by TriDerma

Price: 19.95

Too much glucose in the blood for a long time can cause diabetes problems-skin complications are one of them. For all types of burns, sores or serious skin condition try out the new Intense Fast Healing Cream containing medically and organically strong ingredients that promote a healthy looking skin. Look good, Feel good!

Fast Healing Diabetic Dry Skin Defense Cream by TriDerma

Price: 19.95

Fighting hard against diabetes and the escorted fissured and damaged skin? For faster recovery try out our new TriDerma product: Fast Healing Diabetic Dry Skin Defense Cream. Containing medically strong ingredients that lock in the vital moisture and helps reinforce skin's natural protective barrier. This 2 oz. non-greasy and odorless skin treatment has been clinically proven for maximum skin protection!

Diabetic Foot and Nail Kit

Price: 49.95

Hygiene becomes a special concern when it comes to a diabetic body. Add up to your body's wellness by using the Nailcare's Manicure and Pedicure Set. Available in a 6 tool pack to trim and clean, shape and smooth thick nails and calluses. The 2 AA batteries operated motor moves swiftly to provide you Spa quality manicures and pedicures at home!

Diabetic Dry Skin Foot Cream by Cavilon

Price: 9.99
Alex Orthopedic

Diabetes can affect every part of the body including your skin. Why add to the complications when you have solutions available? Cavilon Foot Cream is certainly such a solution for dry, cracked up skin. The 4 oz, lipid rich formula evenly moisturizes the rough surface, giving your stressed feet a soothing feeling.

NouveauDerm Gel Therapy Gloves

Price: 34.99

Diabetes and the associated skin care go hand in hand! Preventing your skin from drying up actually stops you from hosting a site for the eager bacteria. NouveauDerm Gel Therapy Gloves help you achieve this goal by slowly releasing mineral oils that relieve dry and cracked up skin and automatically moisturizing the flaked surface. Available in one size that fits all!

Moisturizing Gel Therapy Socks

Price: 34.99

Do you have high glucose levels in your blood? Have you been facing feet problems-dried up scalp or discomforted feet? Presenting to you the ideal solution-the Moisturizing Gel Therapy Socks! Not only does the specially created gel keeps your feet deeply moisturized but the gradually releasing mineral oils also help to comfort the aching feet. Washable fabric, suitable for frequent use!

Diabetic Skin Care


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