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Diabetic Wound Care

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Wound Wash Saline Solution

Price: 9.99
Blairex Labs

Even a slight bruise should not be neglected especially when you're aware of high sugar levels in your blood! The Saline Wound Wash provides this extra care for it instantly removes dirt and germs from worsening the wound. The 9% saline solution is non-stinging yet highly effective! A must-have in your first aid box!

Wound Cleanser with Aloe by Biolex, 12 oz. Spray

Price: 14.99
Bard Medical

Are you a diabetic and a little too cautious about the wounds when you get bruised? You sure should be too! Now get the extra tender loving care with these non-toxic, Biolex Wound Cleansers that prevent bacteria from infecting the wounds, keeping you safe and healthy. This spray-on wound cleanser is enriched with Aloe to leave a soothing effect behind!

Mitrazol Antiseptic Wound Care Powder

Price: 16.99
HealthPoint Ltd

Do you have a high blood glucose level? Are you fed up of the fungal infections that keep on treating your body as the host? Now you won't have to worry anymore with the Mitrazol Antiseptic Cream & Powder that not only rapidly treats the fungal infections but the antiseptic formula prevents future infections too. Suitable for application on the entire body, hands and feet!

Curity Alcohol Prep Pads

Price: 4.99

Available in a pack of 200, each of the 2 ply wipes is individually sealed. Curity Alcohol Prep Pads are sterilized with 70% isopropyl alcohol and are ideal for treating and helping to heal diabetic bodies. Suitable for using in homes and hospitals.

Povidone-Iodine Wound Prep Pads

Price: 6.99
Triad Medical

Available in a box of 100, these PVP Prep Pads are non-irritating and highly appropriate to heal a wounded diabetic body. With a calculated amount of Povidone Iodine, these pads are medically engineered to promote a healthy hygiene.

Diabetic Wound Care


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