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Sodium Phosphates Enema - 4.5 fl oz Bottles, 48/Case

Price: 49.95

Sodium Phosphates Enemas by Triad are designed with care, keeping in mind the needs of the patient and the caregiver. The shape of the container, a squeeze bottle, makes it easy to control - it conforms to the hand as it is emptied. Made of recyclable, low-density polyethylene, the bottle is pliably responsive without being shapeless. Plus, the bottle is free-standing, eliminating the risk of tip contamination if the container must be set down during use. The length of the enema's shaft is designed with safety in mind. Even when inserted to its fullest length, the tip is not in a position to perforate or abrade the sigmoid portion of the colon of a healthy adult. No deeper penetration is any more effective, and longer shafts risk damaging the lining of the lower bowel. Triad enemas are equipped with a reflux valve to prevent backflush. Enemas are latex-free and lubricated on the tip for patient comfort. Each box is safety-sealed.

Cleansing Enema Bag Set - 50/Case

Price: 99.95

Cleansing Enema Bag Set by Amsino consists of 1,500 mL Bag, with 60" Tubing with Pre-lubricated Tip, Slide Clamp, Soap Packet, and Waterproof Drape.

Cleansing Enema Set

Price: 3.95

Gent-L-Kare Cleaning Enema Set (Single Use) is disposable, clean and ready to use. The set contains: 1500CC Enema Bag (Valve Closure, Prelubricated Tip, Tubing Clamp), Moisture Proof Drape, Enema Soap Packette. Suggested Procedure: 1. Slide tubing clamp to "off" position. 2. Open top of bag and add desired quantity of preparation. 3. "Squeegee" across the valve closure with thumb and forefinger to cause the sides to stick together. 4. Suspend bag in preparation for administration. 5. Position moisture proof drape under patient. 6. Remove lube cap from tip of tube. 7. Proceed with administration using approved technique. 8. Drain unused solution from bag and discard.


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