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Lead Tests

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Lead Tests

Lead in Paint Test

Price: 11.95

Lead-based paint is a common cause for lead poisoning. Many homes/apartments built before 1960 have heavily leaded paint and homes/apartments built prior to 1978 may also contain paint with dangerously high levels of lead. Lead based paint can be on w

Lead Surface Test

Price: 11.95

Lead dust particles are one of the main contamination source from lead. Painted surface friction points, such as window frames and sills, create paint dust. Household renovation activities can also create high levels of paint dust. When a lead-based p

Lead in Water Test

Price: 11.95

According to the EPA, the ultimate responsibility for safe drinking water rests with the end user. The water you drink may contain lead, which can cause adverse health effects, even at short-term exposure. Young children and pregnant women are at the g

PurTest Complete Home Water Analysis Testing Kit

Price: 39.85

Complete Home Water Analysis Testing Kit is the most affordable & reliable comprehensive "all-in-one" home drinking water test kit on the market. This complete home test kit includes following: 1 bacteria water test 1 lead water test 1 pesticide water te

WaterSafe Instant - Lead in Drinking Water Test Kit

Price: 11.95

This is the one drinking water test kit you need to test the water quality in your house. It is easy to use, trust worthy and provides accurate instant results. Although lead poisoning can affect anybody, younger children remain the number one risk grou

Lead Tests

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