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Medical Hammers

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Medical Hammers

S-Queen Square Hammers - 23-S

Price: 5.99

Black rubber head, nylon handle in two sizes. For shorter length order No. 23-S. 23: 36cm. 23-S: 29cm

Babinski Telescoping Reflex Hammer - 24

Price: 8.99

Designed for testing reflexes and the nervous system. Equipped with a pointed end piece for testing nervous system response and a rubber head for reflex reaction. Unique telescoping design allows the user to carry the hammer in a pocket.

Taylor Percussion Hammer - 25

Price: 3.99

Used to test joint reflexes or bone fractures in the joints. The Taylor hammer features a 7 1/2 chrome handle and triangular rubber head.

Buck Neurological Hammer - 26

Price: 7.99

Used for testing reflexes and measuring nerve sensitivity, the Buck hammer features dual rubber heads for reflex testing and includes a removable needle and brush.

Taylor Percussion Hammer - 28

Price: 1.99

Same features as style no. 17013, poly bag packaging, great for group sales.

Medical Hammers

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