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Disposable Stethoscope Stethoscopes - 100

Price: 1.99


Dualheads Stethoscopes - 108

Price: 10.99

A traditional dualhead design featuring a lightweight aluminum chestpiece with an inlaid non-chill ring, chrome plated brass binaurals, PVC tubing, and an extra set of soft eartips. An excellent stethoscope for general auscultation. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Cardio Sprague Stethoscopes - 112

Price: 33.99

The most advanced Sprague available. The Cardio Sprague has the features of a traditional Sprague, but with a unique cardiology styling. Featuring a two tubes-in-one design which provides extra crisp sound transmission, an interchangeable zinc alloy metal bell and diaphragm assembly, snap-on rims and diaphragms, two sizes of soft eartips for added comfort, and a full accessory case. Available only from Prestige Medical. Patent #DES 432237. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Traditional Sprague Stethoscopes - 122

Price: 16.99

The most widely used stethoscope in the healthcare industry. Five stethoscopes-in-one design. Comes with a full accessory pouch with interchangeable parts to customize to the user?s needs. Features dual 22? PVC tubing for clear sound transmission and threaded soft eartips. The rugged chrome plated zinc alloy chestpiece and chrome plated brass binaurals are built to withstand the most demanding of working environments. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Gold Plated Sprague Stethoscopes - 122-G

Price: 36.99

The traditional Sprague styling is enhanced with 22 Karat Gold plating and threaded soft eartips. An excellent choice for the fashion conscious professional. Black only

Clinical I Stethoscopes - 126

Price: 43.99

High performance and outstanding acoustics are the hallmark of the Clinical I. By using a stainless steel chestpiece and stainless steel binaurals, the Clinical I incorporates the most effective sound conducting metal available. The Extra Thick Walled Single Tubing with an inside alloy sound conductor assures the clear and crisp transmission of sound. The Clinical I includes two sizes of soft color matched eartips which seal out extraneous noise while providing superior comfort. An easy to use snap-on rim and diaphragm help to make the Clinical I an outstanding performer. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Gold Edition Clinical I Stethoscopes - 126-G

Price: 72.99

Our Clinical I stainless steel stethoscope enhanced with 22 Karat Gold plating adds a touch of class and distinction to an already exceptional stethoscope. Included are an inside alloy sound conductor for improved sound and two sets of soft eartips. Lifetime Limited Warranty. Black Only

Clinical Cardiology Stethoscopes - 128

Price: 89.99

A classic design and superior acoustics make the Clinical Cardiology the finest in auditory diagnostics. Incorporating a two tubes-in-one design for the clearest sound transmission and stainless steel construction, the Clinical Cardiology uses the finest sound conducting design and materials available. The deep bell is shaped for optimum sound detection and comes with a wide non-chill ring. Each Clinical Cardiology offers two sizes of soft eartips which deliver sounds accurately by protecting the user from outside noise while providing unsurpassed comfort. A convenient snap-on rim and diaphragm compliment the advanced design and ease of use of the Clinical Cardiology. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Stethoscopes - 4100WS

Price: 831.99

Since its introduction in 2003, the 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 4100WS has been the head of the class in electronic stethoscopes. And now it has graduated to an even higher level with the addition of Ambient Noise Reduction Technology (ANR). Its features include programmable volume settings, 3 frequency modes, recording, storage and playback on six distinct tracks, instant playback of recordings at normal and half speed. It permits infrared transmission of digital data. The two AAA alkaline batteries provide for 20 hours of continuous use with an automatic power shutdown after 3 minutes from last button activation. It includes a nonchill diaphragm and Littmann Snap Tight Soft-Sealing Eartips. Latex and PVX free. Black only.

Hip Clip Stethoscope Holder - 755

Price: 3.99

Stethoscope holder that attaches to waistband. Stethoscope easily slips in and out. Helps reduce neck strain, allows you to free up your hands, and most importantly, gets the stethoscope off your neck. Choice of 5 colors.

Littmann Prestige Classic II S.E. Assorted Colors Stethoscopes - CLASSICIISE

Price: 69.99

The dual-frequency, tunable diaphragm allows the user to listen to both low and high frequency sounds by simply alternating pressure on the chestpiece. Firm pressure allows the user to hear high frequency sounds. Ease off to light skin contact and the diaphragm lets you hear low frequency sounds (previously heard using the traditional bell).

Littmann Prestige Classic II Pediatric Stethoscopes - PRECLASSICIIPEDIATRIC

Price: 69.99

Two-sided models with traditional bell/diaphragm chestpieces are designed, sized and acoustically precise for children.

Puretone Cardiology Stethoscopes - PT2B27

Price: 149.99

Double-lumen tubing. Rotating binaurals. 5-Year warranty. PT2B27 - Black. PT2N27 - Navy. All DRG Stethocopes Feature: External Noise Reduction (ENR) Tube Technology. Stainless steel springs encapsulated in Neoprene isolate the internal air columns from outside disturbances. This patented technology acts to minimize external noise to provide for purer auscultation sounds. Anti-Slip Ring provides high-friction points intended to create greater stability when wearing a stethoscope. GELseal eartips to ensure an acoustic seal and comfortable fit. Headset ergonomically configured for ease-of-use, SafeSEAL antimicrobial soft diaphragm suppresses the growth of bacteria and mold, is designed to improve acoustics, and is warm to the touch., Convenient ID tag

Singleheads Stethoscopes - S106

Price: 6.99

With a lightweight aluminum singlehead chestpiece design, durable PVC tubing, and chrome plated brass binaurals, this stethoscope is ideal for basic diagnostics. The chestpiece is designed to easily fit under the cuff when taking blood pressure readings. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Clear Sound Stethoscopes - S107

Price: 29.99

This scope features ultra-sensitive acoustics for use through bandages or clothing with an accurate through up to 10 layers of terry cloth towel! Head manufactured from high impact shatter resistant acrylic resin. Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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