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Contour Twist Massage Pillow

Price: 29.99
Abmarketers LLC

Contour Twist Massage Pillow The Contour Twist Pillow bends into any posture for personalized support and comfort. Just try it, bend it, curl it, twist it and it stays put! Now it even comes with relaxing massage! Comfy, flexible poly-foam with malleable linkage within is what makes it unique. Put it around your neck to lighten stress and relax rigid muscles. Soothe and energize the muscles in your lower back by slipping it around your waist. Or contour it over your shoulder to comfort muscle stiffness. Comfy, soft poly-foam supports your neck, head, shoulders, arms or legs or lower back, at home, at the office or even on a trip. Custom shaping allows you target muscle sections like you never imagine! Soft velour cover removes to wash is and zippered to make it easier to take off.

Contour Freedom Back Massage

Price: 41.95
Abmarketers LLC

Contour Freedom Back Massage Forget about rigid back muscles with a relaxing massage and have total back support at the same moment! The Contour Freedom Back Massage offers 5 zones for appropriate position in any chair! Alleviate stiffness and soreness around the low back, tailbone area and legs. Now with a comforting massager, this complete back support pad introduces 5 zones for a correct position and hold. The exclusive shape is so efficient due to it was created focusing on the body s natural position and intended to match the curvature of your back. The full-size Contour Freedom Back Massage supports from your shoulder blades down to your tailbone at the same time as the spinal groove maintains stress off the spinal column. Lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry out and use it on the go.

Contour Back Wedge With Massager

Price: 81.95
Abmarketers LLC

Contour Back Wedge W / Massage Get rid of back strain and tension with a comfortable massage at your own house! The Contour Back Wedge with Massage fits the spinal column natural curve for permanent support as you rest, study relax or watch TV. This product is especially useful for those who suffer from acid reflux, congestion, or indigestion issues but everybody loves it! Simply push the button located on the side of the pillow to turn the massage feature on. It needs 4 AA batteries (not included). Also it has been proven through medical studies that elevating your head reduce congestive heart failure, as well as symptoms related with sinus, allergies and nasal congestion. You will love the fantastic Contour Back Wedge with Massage and its great back support, a bunch of health advantages and a soothing massage all at one magnificent item.

Contour Backmax With Massager

Price: 199.99
Abmarketers LLC

Contour Backmax W / Massage Pamper yourself and enjoy a soothing massage at the comfort of your house with the BackMax Full Body Support Wedge! This multipurpose recline pillow system even introduces a soothing and relaxing massage! In addition, a distinctive, zippered design allows several positions for your whole body comfort and permits you to use its wedges individually or together. Contour Backmax with Dual massage motors relieve back muscles and revitalize legs. Relax in the zero-gravity position, which set your body at ease in a zero-stress zone , the most comfortable position for your body, heart as well as nervous system. This wedge support pillow is excellent for reading or watching TV or taking the stress out of your back, and even enhances blood circulation! Our full fleece cover improves comfort and its design will look great at your house. The half roll pillow completes the wedge system by offering neck support and it also can be used independently. The handy nylon carry bag is ideal for travel or storage. This wedge pillow has all the goodies! Contour Backmax W Massage is made of high quality Urethane foam, which is colorless odorless foam.

Deluxe Hand Held Body Shower Massager

Price: 24.99
Abmarketers LLC

Deluxe Hand-Held Body Shower Massager Some people wake up with a cup of coffee, others exercise for a bit and thousands of Americans with a refreshing morning shower. But how about taking that refreshing shower With a soothing massage? How cool is that sound? It s true, thanks to the Deluxe Hand-Held Body Shower Massager you can enjoy a relaxing massage while taking a shower and with its extended 5-foot chrome hose you plenty of movement freedom so you can soothe every muscle in your body. If you don t want to move around in your shower, it also can be used as a stationary shower. The handheld shower massager was created with three-speed shower selection so you can choose the pressure of the water. The Shower massager alleviates stain muscles and stress with the water pressure. It can t be easier to install. The handheld shower massage fits the any regular threaded shower arm.

Touch & Tone Personal Massager

Price: 24.99
Abmarketers LLC

Touch & Tone Personal Massager Tired after a long day of work? Stressed due to all the errands you had to do today? Well, now you can get totally relaxed in the comfort of your home. Get rid of the stress and muscle sores with the help of the Touch & Tone Personal Massager. This personal and portable massager has been created to ease exhausted and sore muscles and to eliminate stress. Besides, Touch & Tone Personal Massager is very lightweight, making it very easy to control and transport. Also, this excellent automatic massager features two vibration speeds to give you the comfort you want. Touch & Tone Personal Massager has an ergonomic handle, too. It is very easy to control and use as it has a long 6-foot electric cord. The Touch & Tone Personal Massager comes with six massage attachments, so you can use it in several parts of your body: facial, muscle, all-purpose with magnet, scalp, soft touch and acupressure.

AccuBall All Purpose Massager

Price: 14.95
Abmarketers LLC

AccuBall-All Purpose Massager Do you spend a lot of time on airplanes, in hotels, or in your vehicle while at your job? Frequent traveling can be exhausting and painful, with your body indicating to you that it is not being treated properly. To relieve aches, pains, and stress from your body, let us introduce you to the AccuBall All Purpose Massager. Lightweight, easy to assemble, and compact enough to fit in a carry-on bag, the AccuBall All Purpose Massager is a simple solution to an aching body. Durably constructed with hyperextensive plastic, the AccuBall All Purpose Massager consists of two pressure relieving balls which are screwed into the handle and then rotated and massaged wherever your body aches. You can also adjust the AccuBall All Purpose Massager by just using one of the balls and the handle to engage in Tap therapy, by gently tapping on the sore muscle area for pain relief. Ideal for travel, the benefits of the AccuBall All Purpose Massager can also be reaped in the comfort of your own home. Whether preparing for a business trip, planning on visiting family or friends, or just seeking pain and stress relief at home, the AccuBall All Purpose Massager is a simple solution to your body s needs.

Large Massage Chair Black

Price: 215.95
Abmarketers LLC

Product OverviewMassage Chair-Large Looking to relax after a stressful day of work? Seeking relief from strenuous exercise? Perhaps you are planning a trip to the Great Outdoors, but your body is telling you not to rough it too much? The Massage Chair fits all of these scenarios comfortably with the true comfort arriving when you are sitting in the Massage Chair. Unique because of its affordability and portability, the Massage Chair delivers relief to your body whether you are suffering from temporary soreness or you experience arthritis and/or chronic pain. Flexible to your body s needs, you choose one of the eight modes which your body desires, from gentle vibration or rolling to more intense squeezing and hammering. You also select from nine adjustable positions, from fully reclining to an upright position based on the needs of your body. The Massage Chair is easily assembled, with no tools necessary and it fits compactly under your bed or in your closet when you desire the extra space in your home. When you travel, the Massage Chair can also travel with you. It is simple to transport and when you arrive at your destination, you merely plug the Massage Chair into your vehicle s cigarette lighter receptacle to enjoy its relaxing benefit. Never again will camping trips, family excursions, or weekend getaways have to be reconsidered due to the discomfort of travel.

Infrared Heating Massager

Price: 35.95
Abmarketers LLC

Stareyes Infrared Heat Massager Loosen those sore muscles and restore your energy with the Stareyes Infrared Heat Massager. Maintaining a constant temperture of 130 degrees, the Infrared Heat Massager will safely treat your sore muscles and relieve your bodys fatigue and stress. Effective for those people suffering from arthritis or rheumatism yet suitable for people with minor aches and pains, the Infrared Heat Massager suits anyone who experiences muscle pain or fatigue. Compact and portable, the Infrared Heat Massager can join you at the office, on vacation, or simply at home. There are three different modes on the Infrared Heat Massager, equipped to meet your body s needs: Infrared HeatWhen turned to this setting, the Infrared Heat Massage will display compound red eyes which emit soothing, infrared rays that penetrate deeply into the skin s surface and loosen the stiffness within your body. Also suitable and safe for facial treatment. Oscillating MassageWhen heat is not preferred, you may choose this option which sets the dual motors to action and gives your body a unique massage therapy designed to relieve muscle fatigue and stress. Massage with Infrared HeatWhen your body demands relief, this option will offer maximum therapy by massaging and heating your selected areas simultaneously. Ideal treatment for those suffering from hypertension, arthritis, or rheumatism. Whether your body desires the relief from muscle pain with penetrating heat, gentle massage, or a combination of both, the Infrared Heat Massager has it covered. Begin feeling better by purchasing the Infrared Heat Massager today.

Body Massager

Price: 69.95
Abmarketers LLC

Body Massager Do you have a sore back and need a good massage, but can t seem to make it to the spa? Eliminating sore muscles without the high costs of a masseuse is now possible with the Hand Held Professional Body Massager. With dual pulsating heads and three custom settings to offer soft or firm massages at a speed up to 3,000 pulses per minute, loosening up the knots in your muscles can be done in the comfort of your own home (or even on the go!). The three inch arm extension makes it possible for you to massage the hard to reach areas, so at the end of a long day you can relax your achy muscles without any additional help! With the Hand Held Professional Body Massager you will be able to create the level of massage comfort that you need and whenever you need it!


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