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UV C Room Air Sanitizer

Price: 149.95
Abmarketers LLC

UV-C Room Air Sanitizer Once a cold or flu enters the home, it often seems that every member of the family will suffer the effects at some point. During the heavy cold and flu season, it can seem that it never ends-once the first illness leaves the home, another one comes along and your family gets to repeat the slow, anemic cycle all over. End the domino effect and rejuvenate your family s health by introducing the UV-C Room Air Sanitizer into your home. Utilizing the same technology used to sterilize hospitals, the UV-C Air Sanitizer draws your room s air into its chamber where the UV-C light eliminates the germs and kicks the regenerated air back into the room. Perfect for the family room or any common area where your family spends time, the UV-C Room Sanitizer also works to eliminate odors that may arise from pets, cooking, or mildew. It accomplishes all this very quietly, unlike other similar products on the market that add unwanted noise into the home. Purchase the UV-C Room Air Sanitizer today and end the cycle of continuous illness in your home. You and your family will soon wonder how you managed life without the Room Air Sanitizer.

Pluggable UV C Air Sanitizer

Price: 50.95
Abmarketers LLC

Pluggable UV-C Room Air Sanitizer You probably don t want to think about it. When you consider the bathrooms in your home or your chidren s bedrooms, you try to avoid the thought of all the bacteria, germs, and mold spores that flow through these small spaces. With the Pluggable UV-C Room Air Sanitizer you no longer have to be concerned about these unwelcome visitors to your home. The Pluggable UV-C Room Air Sanitizer plugs into any wall outlet in your home or office. Once plugged in, the UV-C Room Air Sanitizer gets to work, with the fan inviting the room s air into its chamber, where the UV-C bulb effectively kills the germs and the fan then flushes your clean, regenerated air back into the room. Perfect for small areas of your home such as bathrooms or bedrooms, the Pluggable UV-C Room Air Sanitizer takes up little space while offering great benefits. Enjoy breathing clean air while also savoring the reduction in colds, flus, and other illnesses in your home. Why not begin today.

UV C Sanitizer Wand

Price: 100.95
Abmarketers LLC

UV-C Sanitizer Wand Eradicate bacteria and viruses before they can get started with the UV-C Sanitizer Wand. Utilizing the technology used in hospitals for sterilization, the UV-C light attacks and disables over 99% of bacteria and viruses, while also eliminating allergens like mold and dust mites. The flexibility and portability of the UV-C Sanitizer Wand is wonderful both at home and when you are traveling. Perfect for use on a wide range of surfaces, you can assure yourself that the item you are using is truly sterilized before using it on your own. You never have to concern yourself about stepping into a shower, using the toilet, or sleeping on hotel beds again due to the UV-C Sanitizer Wand. Give yourself peace of mind and a healthy environment with the UV-C Sanitizer Wand. This valuable germ fighter will quickly become a trusted companion at home and on the road.

Toothbrush Sanitizer

Price: 39.95
Abmarketers LLC

Toothbrush Sanitizer It s not a pleasant thought, but the toothbrush is a prime offender for carrying germs and bacteria. When we finish brushing our teeth, our toothbrush is wet, inviting bacteria and allergens to visit. When it comes times to brush our teeth again, we place the toothbrush inside our mouth Alright, I think you get the idea. How do you combat the bacteria and germs that find your toothbrush so attractive? This Toothbrush Sanitizer will prevent bacteria and allergens from making the toothbrushes in your home their home. With its powerful yet safe dry heat method, the Toothbrush Sanitizer penetrates deeply into the bristles of your toothbrushes, killing the germs without the use of chemicals or steam. All of this is accomplished in 45 minutes and with plenty of space in its compartment to hold several toothbrushes of all varieties (manual, electronic, battery-operated). Taking up minimal space in your bathroom, you could also mount it on the wall if you so desired. Eliminate bacteria and concerns with this dry heat Toothbrush Sanitizer.


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