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Diabetes Help

ELEOTIN Platinum Tea Plus

Price: 150.00

Recommended for: Moderate diabetes (3-6 years of being diabetic) and Severe diabetes (above 6 years of being diabetic)

New and stronger formula for diabetes! Platinum Tea Plus is a combination of tea and capsule formula.

The three benefits that people get from our Eleotin Gold Capsule: blood sugar regulation, cleansing and restoration of insulin receptors and provision of essential nutrients in the pancreas were all combined to develop a fast-acting and better tea formula for diabetes. Plus with the combination of Eleotin Express 6 booster, this tea is 20% more effective!

Other features of this tea are:

It is now water soluble, just like an instant coffee. Preparation time is very minimal.
The taste was greatly improved
It contains natural fibers that meet one-half of the recommended daily fiber intakes.

Mix 1 packet with 3 cups of warm (not boiling water) stir, drink or store in the fridge.

First day
With Breakfast: 1 cup of the White Tea + one capsule of Express 6
Between Lunch and Supper:1 cup of the White Tea + one capsule of Express 6
At Bedtime:1 cup of the White Tea + one capsule of Express 6

Second day
With Breakfast: 1 cup of the Grey Tea + one capsule of Express 6
Between Lunch and Supper:1 cup of the Grey Tea + one capsule of Express 6
At Bedtime:1 cup of the Grey Tea + one capsule of Express 6

Alternate the colour of tea packaging (White or Grey) per day.

In our experience, some of our previous customers have not taken ELEOTIN consistently and therefore was unable to see successful results.

If you are above average in weight, the effects may take even longer to appear. The results also depend on the person's age, present health, life style and body size. So naturally diet and exercise would only contribute to the effectiveness of ELEOTIN. However there is no specific dietary program which accompanies our products.

It is very important to continue with current drugs and insulin treatments until the full effects of ELEOTIN begin to appear. ELEOTIN effects come up slowly as ELEOTIN improves the general health of the whole body. Until your body becomes normal, you still need the help of other drugs. Only after you see the initial fall in blood sugar level, should you consider the reduction of other drugs and insulin.
Please do not reduce the content of other drugs or insulin unless advised by a doctor. Do not reduce your Eleotin dosage before seeing the full effect of ELEOTIN.

ELEOTIN Gold Capsule

Price: 75.00

Recommended for: Pre-diabetic, Hypoglycemic, Mild to Moderate Diabetic and people who prefers to use capsules than the tea.

ELEOTIN is good for everybody whether one has diabetes or not. It is a good, safe, health promoting product. Since ELEOTIN was designed for diabetics in mind by the world's leading diabetes experts, diabetic patients receive additional health benefits than people without diabetes (explained in detail later) because they are in most need of the support that ELEOTIN provides.
The components of ELEOTIN make it an excellent health food for everyone. It increases the body's own ability to purify or cleanse impurities through urination. This cleansing function also leads to the strengthening of a person's immune system. "Cleansing" is a normal and natural mode of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). ELEOTIN assists in the digestive process by providing natural substances that restore the balance among digestive enzymes. It is also an excellent source of high quality fiber and provides essential nutrients to a person's pancreas.


Morning Formula : Should be taken before or with breakfast as it helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels after a meal. It works by increasing insulin production from the pancreas and delaying the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose. It is also a good source of natural fiber. The morning formula also contains substances that help the digestion.

Afternoon Formula : Should be taken between lunch and supper time on an empty stomach. It improves the health of insulin receptors so that glucose is more efficiently absorbed into muscle or liver cells. This reduces blood glucose levels and allows cells to properly burn this energy. This formula also cleanses the blood system through diuresis or urination. It assists many areas of the body especially the functioning of the kidneys. This is only logical since the kidneys are the body's blood filtration system. So if the glucose levels in the blood system are improved, the strain on the kidneys is decreased. The diuretic function does not cause low blood pressure and helps people with hypertension problems.

Evening Formula : Should be taken 1 hour before bedtime. It provides essential nutrients that strengthen the pancreas. It results in a long:term benefit resulting from these rich nutrients. The lack of these essential nutrients has been known to permanently damage various parts of a person's body. Also, these nutrients help the individual to sleep better by providing analgesic (painkilling) help to those aching and tingling nerve senses all over the body. This is especially important to individuals who have serious neuropathy.

ELEOTIN Mb Pre-Brewed

Price: 75.00

Recommended for: Weight Loss and Borderline Diabetic.

Eleotin Mb (Metabolic Balancer) works in two primary ways to help an overweight person lose and control their weight:

1. Improves Insulin Sensitivity & Energy Consumption : One of the primary defects created in the metabolism from the vicious cycle of obesity is insulin resistance. That is, over time an overweight person's insulin becomes less effective in removing blood sugar from the blood stream into the cells. The result is the person adds fat more readily since the glucose in their blood are not processed efficiently. Eleotin Mb revitalizes the process through which blood sugar is converted into energy in the muscle and liver cells. It revitalizes and improves the speed at which insulin binds with our cells. This improved insulin-binding transfers more of the blood sugar energy to their proper destination. Eleotin Mb limits excessive blood sugar from converting into fat or remaining in the blood system to damage the other parts of the body. The more efficient our insulin is at removing blood sugar, the better it is for our body. If we regulate our diet, a higher metabolism will begin to burn off the accumulated body fat in our cells. In this way, Eleotin Mb can be said to improve the body's metabolism for insulin sensitivity (making it more sensitive) and energy consumption (assists the body to burn more blood sugar).

2. Stimulates Insulin Production : Eleotin Mb also increases the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas. It helps stimulate insulin production in a natural way, unlike hypoglycemic drugs. Eleotin Mb's insulin secretion stimulation is more gradual and less strong than hypoglycemic drugs. Since it does not put a large strain on the pancreas, the pancreas does not become resistant to Eleotin Mb. Increasing insulin production enables the person to further reduce their blood sugar levels.
Thus, increased insulin secretion and increased insulin sensitivity, work hand in hand to break the vicious cycle of obesity. Remember insulin is a core hormone of our body's energy metabolism process.


Mix 1 packet of tea with 3 cups of warm (not boiling) water. Stir, then drink or store in the fridge accordingly:

First day
With Breakfast: 1 cup of the White Tea
Between Lunch and Supper: 1 cup of the White Tea
At Bedtime: 1 cup of the White Tea

Second day
With Breakfast: 1 cup of the Grey Tea
Between Lunch and Supper: 1 cup of the Grey Tea
At Bedtime: 1 cup of the Grey Tea

Alternate the color of tea packaging (White or Grey) per day.

    If you are:
  • A person wishing to loses 10 to 30 pounds recommended to use for 3 to 4 months
  • A person wishing to loses 30 to 50 pounds recommended to use for 6 to 8 months
  • A person wishing to loses more than 50 pounds can expect to achieve result in 8 to 12 months

ELEOTIN Cleanse and Detox

Price: 30.00

- For Cleansing and Detoxification of your body

- 1 unit consists of 15 packets of tea
- Water soluble tea for faster preparation

Who needs this?
Most of us. In nature, if we are healthy, we are supposed to have full bowel movements 2-3 times a day. Otherwise, we all need to consider some "cleansing'. People who are concerned about their weight, with high blood glucose, or hypertension. People who travel a lot. People who smoke and consume alcohol. They may find this particularly helpful.

How does it work?
All without any danger or side effects. Perfectly safe. Celery safely 'melts or softens' those hardened feces stuck on the inner walls of intestines. As is explained above, celery is known to dissolve other harmful hardened stuffs in the human body. The healthful fiber in celery miraculously and gently expands when it reaches intestine and sweeps the softened old feces out of the body. This healthy fiber will also reduce your appetite. Fiber stimulates and strengthens the muscles around the intestines.

- Pour 1 packet of Cleanse and Detox with one cup of warm water, tomato juice or V-8 juice, stir until it dissolves and drink.
- You should use at least 1 to 2 packets per day for a minimum of 15 days to see full benefits of the product.
- Drink lots of water. Participate in adequate exercise. Usually, within 2-3 days, there will be frequent bowel movement. You will be surprised how much waste matter you had in your body. The fiber goes to work immediately by loosening the hardened feces on the walls of the large intestine and gradually sweeping it out of the body.

Diabetes Help

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