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Ear Mites

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Ear Mites

Lambert Kay Ear Rite Miticide for Cats - 1 oz

Price: 6.98

Lambert Kay Ear-Rite Miticide for Cats & Kittens kills ear mites and ear ticks. It also aids in wax removal. Contains a gentle yet effective formula including aloe vera.

For use on cats.


To control spinose ear ticks and ear mites and to remove ear wax, apply 10 drops to each ear. Massage base of ear for a few minutes to help the solution penetrate ear wax. Allow pet to shake its head. Wipe excess solution from the ear with cotton. Repeat every 2 days until condition has cleared up or as directed by your veterinarian. As a preventative treatment, apply this solution every 15 days to reduce ear mite and ear tick infestation and ear wax accumulation.

Special Notes

Do not use on cats under 12 weeks of age. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, medicated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals.

Ear Mites

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