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Fat Burners

Thermolife Dicana

Price: 59.95

DICANA÷ - Naturally Occurring Metabolic Regulator is a powerful, patent pending, non stimulating dietary supplement developed to cause extreme body fat loss while sparing muscle tissue. When used as directed Dicana has the ability to raise your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR, the rate at which your body burns calories at rest) and can dramatically shift the proportion between lean body mass and adipose tissue (fat) in favor of lean body mass. Dicana works by increasing protein synthesis thru calorie repartitioning while simultaneously causing an increase in body temperature and oxygen consumption for extreme fat loss without muscle catabolism.

Lean System 7

Price: 37.95

For men, having rock-hard, chiseled abs is the ultimate target. For women, having a toned, firm butt is just as important. But the abdominal area is where men carry most of their bodyfat (a.k.a., the "spare tire"), just as the hips and buttocks are the "trouble area" for most women... and they're both usually the last area to get "ultra-defined" whenever you're trying to get into great shape.

Nutrex Lipo 6

Price: 39.95

LIPO-6 Ephedra Free has been formulated for the person who is looking for a truly effective weight loss "fat burner" product without ephedra. Finally A Fat Loss Accelerator That's Powerful And Effective With An Ephedra-Free Approach! Nutrex is combining their best selling Lipo 6 with new ephedra free technology. The result... An accelerated fat-loss formula that gives you the energy you need, with the fat burning capabilties youve come to expect from Lipo 6, with possible risks of ephedra.Nutrex Ephedra Free Lipo 6 is a combination of fat burning and energy enhancing compounds to assist you in lossing fat.

Fat Burners

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