Auction Hunters – Is Allen and Clinton Dead?

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Auction hunters are people who buy abandoned storage units with the hopes of finding valuable property. They travel from auction to auction, assessing the contents to see what’s worth the most. They then sell these valuable items in the collectible and antique markets. They make a tidy profit in this way. They have even been featured on television programs such as HGTV’s The Profit and the Travel Channel’s Deal of the Day.

Fans of the show have speculated that Allen and Clinton are no longer together, especially after the Season 5 trailer depicted Clinton alone at the auctions. The fifth season of Auction Hunters premiered in October 2014, but Spike hasn’t renewed it for a sixth season. The network has not revealed the reasons for canceling the show, but fans believe that something serious happened between Clinton and Allen.

The auction hunters have been able to pick up some pretty awesome things. They’ve found vintage carnival gear, a WWII-era motor scooter, and even an antique Polynesian tattoo tool. But they have to fight their way out of a tough crowd of auction hunters. They face a veteran auction buyer and a female buyer who knows all their tricks and has money to burn.

One episode of the show saw the Hunters unlock a locked safe in Henderson, Nevada. They used a magnet to retrieve the key. The safe turned out to be worthless, but the Hunters were able to recover the key. The episode emphasized the importance of knowing when to fold when it comes to auctions. Despite their success, auction hunters sometimes make mistakes and have to drop out of multiple auctions.

Auction Hunters is a reality TV show that premiered on Spike in November 2010. It follows two men who are experts in antiques and mystery safes. Each week, they investigate abandoned storage units, attempting to sell the most lucrative items to collectors and experts. Eventually, the duo began a pawn shop.

Auction Hunters is an extremely popular TV show. It features some of the best-known people in the auction business. It’s an entertaining way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The show also includes a fun episode where the auction hunters try to save a bread truck. If you’re in the mood for some action-packed TV, this series is for you.

The show also features the auctioneers Ton and Allen Haff. They buy storage units hoping to find valuable property. In addition to their usual business, they travel from auction to auction, assessing the value of the items found in these storage units. They then sell these items in the antique and collectible markets. However, there are a few disadvantages to this business.

The show takes place in different locations, with different people finding their unique items. Auctions can be a good way to find a treasure trove for your home. You might be surprised at what you can find in these auctions. Sometimes, you can find anything, including antiques and vintage art.

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