Auction Insurance Agency

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Unlike most insurance companies, Auction Insurance Agency is one of the few that actually gets out in front of the pack. Aside from its signature title insurance, the company also offers a slew of other risk management products including payment insurance, fraud prevention and dispute resolution services. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not the largest insurance provider in the country, but it’s still got a lot of competition. It’s located at 2200 Woodcrest Pl, Ste 200 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Besides the usual suspects, Auction Insurance Agency also provides title insurance to some of its larger competitors. The company has a full time staff of insurance professionals to handle your needs. While the company’s name is synonymous with insurance, Auction Insurance Agency also works with several retail and wholesale auction companies. In fact, the company has been around for more than a half-century.

The company’s website is not only a convenient place to browse through a slew of insurance products, but also offers a convenient customer support portal. From claims filing to the processing of insurance claims, Auction Insurance Agency is there for you when you need it. Among its offerings are auto auction services, auction insurance, title insurance, floor plan lending, and fraud prevention and dispute resolution services. Whether you are a car shopper or a business owner, Auction Insurance Agency can help you navigate the murky waters. With offices in Birmingham, Atlanta, Houston, and Miami, the company is sure to have the coverage you need.

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