Auction Watch Add-On

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The auction watch addon is a small yet powerful tool to help you track the auctions of your chosen items. You can participate in these auctions as a buyer, a seller or a spectator. Depending on the type of auction you are interested in, you may have to fill out forms in order to participate.

The auction market has long been the face of the watch world. Its colourful catalogues and yearly seasons attract collectors from around the globe. This year, the auction market achieved record numbers, with watch sales growing eight times as quickly as the market for other products. Sotheby’s online sales alone increased in volume and value by two times compared to the previous year.

With the rise of dedicated timepiece auction houses, watch auctions have become more popular than ever. However, before you start bidding on your favorite timepiece, you should learn a few basics about the auction process. Whether you want to buy a vintage watch or a high-end luxury watch, it’s worth learning about the basics of auction watch bidding.

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