AuctionWatch – How to Buy a Watch at an Auction

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f you are interested in buying a watch at an auction, you are not alone. Many people have bought watches at auctions due to the rush of adrenaline that it provides. But there are some drawbacks to auction watches, too. The first is that you may lose self-control if you are overexcited. While you are not the first to do this, your excitement could make you snap up a watch that is out of your price range.

AuctionWatch will alert you when someone places a bid on the item you are watching. It will also remind you to post the auction. If you don’t want to keep track of every auction, you can create a list of auctions you are interested in. The list will appear on your Dashboard. Clicking on an auction in the list will take you to its details page.

In recent years, younger bidders have emerged as influential and wealthy. Some have inherited their parents’ wealth or built up a first company before turning thirty. These young collectors may look at watches as a way to keep their wealth. However, they are unlikely to find a high-end, big-name watch that is significantly undervalued.

Although the Big Four dominate the watch auction world, there are other auction houses that are not as well-known. These “hidden champions” usually operate on a smaller scale and charge lower commissions. As a result, they must develop sales to attract consigners. They do not have the same equity value or philanthropic backing that the Big Four have.

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