Bob Ross Art Auctions – Marlin Art and Bob Ross Art Auctions

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Arin Ross is the founder of fundraising art auctions and has raised millions of dollars for charities. He is known for his spirited personality and has a track record of producing successful auctions. His company, Ross Art Auction, has worked with Marlin Art to raise funds for its clients. This year’s auction is set for May 24 and 31.

The Bob Ross Art Auctions are not to be confused with the Bob Ross Art Workshop & Gallery in New Smyrna, Florida. The company owns the rights to the paintings in their portfolio. As such, they are unable to sell the originals. However, they can sell replicas at reasonable prices.

These paintings are rare and seldom sold on the open market. They often fetch $10k+ and attract dozens of bidders. This makes Bob Ross artworks very accessible. While they may not be sold on the open market, they are accessible through auctions and Bob Ross, Inc. Bob Ross is a very popular figure in the world of art. Many people have seen his work in museums and have collected pieces by him.

A painting by Willem de Kooning from the 1950s features a dismembered figure. This piece is part of the famous ‘Women’ series. It hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This painting reveals de Kooning’s preference for drawing over painting. His drawings are not mere rehearsals, but are redolent of visceral energy.

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