C Luo private text messages exposed! Leave Manchester United as free as a bird

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Previously, Morgan’s series of interviews with Portuguese star C Luo sparked a huge controversy, C Luo repeatedly said shocking remarks in the program, which directly led to C Luo and Manchester United parting ways. Morgan recently revealed another exchange of text messages between himself and C Luo, in which the latter communicated that he was very free to leave Manchester United. In addition, according to Morgan, the rumors of Crow’s transfer to a Saudi Arabian club are not very mature.

Morgan revealed: “I sent a GIF emoji to Crow and William Wallace shouted in his brave heart: ‘Freedom!’ He thought it was a perfect illustration of how he feels at the moment, saying, ‘Free as a bird.'”

In response to rumors of Cairo’s impending move to Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr, Morgan responded, “He thinks if he performs at a certain level this World Cup, he can get everything he wants, which is a club that can play in the Champions League and continue his legendary journey and extend his record. At this stage of his career, money is not a priority for him. The main thing is the desire to continue playing at the highest level, to set records and win trophies. He has done it all and played for more countries than any other player in history.”
Maybe Cairo is really considering a move to one of Europe’s top teams, but his performance at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar wasn’t convincing enough. A record penalty kick goal dominated the headlines on the first match day, but since then Cairo has aged well.

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