Christie’s Digital Art Auction

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The Xperience Digital Art Auction showcases a carefully curated selection of the latest developments in digital art. From AI-generated artwork to holograms and generative art that responds to the foreign exchange market, the auction features cutting-edge technologies and leading names in the virtual world. In addition, it features the latest projects from artists exploring digital art. Among the many works featured are a collaboration between Sophia the Robot and artist Sophia Hotung.

In 2016, Christie’s held its first non-fungible token sale of digital art, bringing the concept to the global art community. This was the first of its kind, and the auction set the record for the highest price in a digital art auction. This also marked the third-highest price ever paid to a living artist.

Christie’s is also planning to host the first purely digital work of art in their upcoming online auction. The auction will feature works from the popular digital artist Beeple, whose Everydays project includes 5,000 daily digital artworks. The collection will be sold online between February 25th and March 11th, 2021.

The digital art market is currently in an upsurge. With more NFTs being created and sold at auctions, the value of these works is skyrocketing. In fact, the earliest digital art sold at Christie’s was worth $69 million. The influx of NFTs has created a gold rush in the art market. This trend is only likely to continue.

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