Financial 101 Reviews

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Financial 101 is a program that helps people to learn how to use credit cards responsibly and manage their money. It also teaches people how to manage their credit score. There are currently 19 Financial 101 reviews on the web. It is owned by FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd, license number 31516. The program is available for a fee of $199. However, there are some concerns regarding the company.

First of all, financial 101 claims to walk you through their system, guiding you every step of the way. The problem with the system is that it consists of a shell game in which you must move money in a specific order and leverage interest accrual. The 101 Financial program claims to help you get out of debt faster and save a lot of money. The program is based on the belief that you can pay off your mortgage faster than you otherwise would.

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