Fisher Investments Review

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Fisher Investments is an independent money management firm based in Camas, Washington. They manage about $1 trillion in assets and are committed to helping clients create lasting wealth. Their services include portfolio management, research, and investment strategies. Their primary goal is to help clients invest in stocks, bonds, and other securities that are most likely to produce returns over the long term.

If you have a large amount of money, you may want to consider an Institutional Account with Fisher Investments. This type of account is ideal for high-net-worth investors, but it has some restrictions. You must have at least $200,000 to qualify. Even then, you’re not guaranteed acceptance. However, you’ll receive customized investment recommendations, flexible strategies, and a team of highly experienced professionals.

In addition to offering personalized investment advice, Fisher Investments also offers a mobile app for iPhone and iPad users. It contains daily commentary and news roundups, as well as updates on its YouTube channel. Users of these mobile apps can also invest via a virtual brokerage account. If you are in the U.S., you can download the Fisher Investments mobile app for free.

The website of Fisher Investments recommends an account with a minimum of $500,000. For investors with less money, you can opt for a smaller account, known as a WealthBuilder account. However, this account will cost you 1.50% of your investment. During a recent presentation in October 2019, Ken Fisher made controversial remarks and ruined the reputation of the company. Because of this, the firm lost about $4 billion of assets under management. But Fisher has since apologized and made good progress in repairing his reputation.

Unlike robo-advisors, Fisher Investments offers personalized investment management. A personal investment counselor reviews your portfolio periodically and advises you on major decisions. In addition, you can rest assured that the investment counsellor will not be working on a commission. The advisor will only contact you when important information is needed and not to spam you with sales pitches.

The firm has a five-person Investment Policy Committee, led by Ken Fisher, with more than 130 years of combined industry experience. In addition, the firm maintains a fully-staffed research department. Its staff analyzes macroeconomic trends and monitors every major investment sector. The committee also conducts in-depth analysis of individual securities.

Fisher Investments is a global investment firm with locations around the world. It employs more than 1000 investment advisors and offers fee-only advice. Their investment management services also include financial planning. Fisher Investments is aimed at clients who want their money to be managed skillfully. The firm has been in business since 1979 and serves more than 5000 clients globally.

Ken Fisher, the founder and CEO of Fisher Investments, is a highly regarded figure in the investment industry. He has authored eleven books on investment strategy and has been a Forbes contributor for over 30 years. He holds a 75% stake in the firm and serves as executive chairman and co-chief investment officer. He has also served as CEO for 37 years. Fisher Investments provides a personalized investment plan and excellent educational materials to help clients reach their goals.

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