Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Intern Salary Expectations

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An intern at Goldman Sachs can expect to make $85,000 per year before bonuses. Although the firm is known for its demanding work environment, it also carries a lot of weight in the United States and abroad. Prospective analysts should be aware of the salary expectations when applying for an internship.

A Goldman Sachs internship is competitive, so you should prepare for months in advance. It is important to have a strong academic record. Make sure to take as many “easy A” classes as you can during your first two years of college. You should also try to get as many supportive finance-related experiences as you can after your first year. A good idea is to take classes that help you understand all the functions of Investment Banks.

The interview process at Goldman Sachs starts with a video version of your cover letter. In the video interview, recruiters ask five questions. Each interviewer has 30 seconds to review the question. Then, you will be given three minutes to respond. While you cannot re-record the answers, the video will be analyzed by technology without human involvement.

When applying for a Goldman Sachs internship, you will usually have to submit a resume, SAT scores, and any IBD internships you have completed. A one-page document detailing your accomplishments and experiences is most appealing to recruiters. You should also submit your resume and cover letter to Goldman Sachs. A poorly written resume can end up in rejection.

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