How to Host a Successful Live Auction

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Whether you’re hosting a charity event or a live auction to raise funds, you’ll want to make sure you have a good idea of what to expect. You’ll have to read the description of each item and conduct the bidding. Once the item is sold, the auctioneer will close out the item and move on to the next item. It’s important to keep a good pace, so that you don’t leave any money on the table.

Before your live auction, make sure your audience is warmed up. This can be as simple as getting them to jog a little bit before the event. As the audience warms up, they will be able to pick up the pace. This will make the event more exciting and help the auctioneer sell items super fast.

The live auction can be a great way to expand your nonprofit’s presence and increase your visibility in the community. It can also become an excellent networking opportunity for your nonprofit and attract corporate sponsors, individual target donor segments, and local influencers. Nonprofits often hold signature events at the beginning and end of the year, and a live benefit auction adds to the atmosphere and raises funds.

Live auctions require pre-registration. Those who register are given a bid paddle and unique bidder number, which they can use to place their bids during the auction. Each lot in a live auction is announced by the auctioneer. During the auction, volunteers bring the items onto the stage, with an image of each item projected on a screen behind the auctioneer.

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