Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

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Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS) is a captive finance organization that provides financing for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Daimler trucks in the United States. It is one of the world’s largest captive financial service providers and is affiliated with Daimler AG, the world’s largest automaker. The company primarily operates in North America, where it is a leading automotive lender.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services can customize a finance plan to suit your needs and budget. Typically, finance options are much more affordable than leasing plans. In addition, financing offers you the freedom to customize your vehicle, unlike leasing. With a lease, you’re bound by a mileage limit.

MBFS is headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, and offers vehicle, equipment, and capital loans. The company has been in business for 22 years. However, it is not a recommended provider by SuperMoney. Nevertheless, MBFS does offer excellent service. So, if you’re considering financing for your new Mercedes-Benz vehicle, make sure to contact MBFS to learn more.

MBFS also offers car loan options for active-duty military members. Its rates are also within the limits of the Military Lending Act. Furthermore, permanent residents and green-card holders can qualify for MBFS car loans. Additionally, loan applications are typically approved within 24 hours, with funds available seven business days after approval.

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