New Stocks to Watch in 2022

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There are some new stocks that can make a great addition to your portfolio. Grab Holdings is one of them. It is an Asian company that provides various services through a dedicated mobile app. Grab is on a growth spree and has partnered with Starbucks and McDonald’s. Grab could be one of the new stocks that everyone will be talking about in a few years.

The stock market is constantly changing, and new stocks emerge every now and then. They can be IPOs or established companies that experience a sudden upward trend. They often generate more investment from institutional and retail traders. We’ve compiled a list of new stocks that you should watch in 2022. We’ve also highlighted the companies that you can invest in without a brokerage commission.

The New York Stock Exchange’s main competitor Nasdaq is also seeing fewer IPOs than usual. In the first half of 2018, it added 108 companies to its exchange, compared to the 753 it had in 2021. That means that it’s harder to predict the performance of these companies.

The problem with new stocks is that they are often incredibly risky. New IPOs can cause enormous losses, and investors should exercise caution if they’re not confident in the company’s growth prospects. The first few days after a company goes public are often filled with hype, and the shares may even skyrocket. After that, however, the hype wears off, and shares can drop significantly.

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