Qatar Rules Out Kosher Food For World Cup Jewish Tourists

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Thousands of observant Jews are expected to make a trip to Doha for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The city is expected to host up to 10,000 religious Jews. It is a significant event for the Jewish community. Many rabbis from around the world have taken initiatives to ensure that Jewish tourists have kosher food to eat. However, some wealthy American Jews have cancelled their plans to travel to Qatar because of the lack of kosher food available in the city.

The Jewish community has claimed that Qatar is violating its religious rights by denying observant Jews the right to pray in public, sell kosher food and organize prayer groups. They also allege that the country is ignoring its obligations to provide kosher food for its soccer fans.

The World Jewish Congress, which is based in Geneva, claims that Qatar has ruled out kosher food for soccer fans during the tournament. The Washington Post asked Qatar’s Foreign Ministry to clarify the issue but has not heard back. However, the Jewish Insider spoke with Alon Lavi, a spokesperson for Israel’s temporary mission in Doha, about the matter. He said that the authorities had promised religious Jews that they would be able to cook kosher food and buy kosher food at the stadiums during the World Cup. He also spoke to concerns regarding alcohol, drugs and visiting countries that are enemy nations.

Some rabbis from the United States have already taken initiatives to ensure that Jewish tourists have a place to eat kosher food in Doha. However, Qatar has a history of violating its promises. It has been accused of banning public prayers and denying kosher food for soccer fans. In addition, it has banned warm kosher food and has denied observant Jews the right to organize prayer groups.

Doha’s government had promised to allow Jewish prayer services in stadiums during the World Cup. However, the city broke this promise at the last minute. It was also announced that Jewish visitors would not be able to buy kosher food or cook kosher food. In fact, the only kosher food that is allowed in Qatar is cold bagel sandwiches.

Qatar has been criticized for its human rights record. Some human rights groups say that preparations for the World Cup have caused the death of 6500 migrant workers. Many of the construction sites have been filled with migrant workers who have died in the last three years. Qatar also continues to back Hamas, a group that has been accused of terrorism financing.

Rabbi Mendy Chitrik of Istanbul is the head of the Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic States. He has met with US Rabbi Marc Schneier, an influential Jewish figure in the Muslim world, to discuss the matter. Schneier has been asked to serve as an adviser on matters relating to hosting Jewish sports fans during the tournament.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry has also denied claims that it has banned kosher food from its stadiums. However, a kosher kitchen will open in Doha during the tournament. The kitchen will sell vegetables, hummus, smoked salmon and hallah for Shabbat. The kitchen will be operated by Rabbi Mendy Chitrik’s son.

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