Qatar World Cup Drinking

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Those attending the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will not be able to drink alcohol at stadiums. The nation is an Islamic country and its alcohol laws are based on Sharia Law. Islam is the country’s official religion.

While Qatar does allow alcohol to be consumed by citizens, public consumption of alcohol is illegal. If someone drinks in public, he or she will face fines that range from three to six months in prison. Those who swear in public, or make rude gestures, are also considered obscene.

A delivery driver from California became the first fan to drink official World Cup beer in Qatar. Initially, officials said alcohol would be available at stadiums, but they later decided to ban it.

Budweiser, the tournament’s official sponsor, has exclusive rights to sell beer in Qatar. Those who purchase alcohol at stadiums must have a special ticket. These tickets start at $22,600. Those who want to buy alcohol outside of stadiums can do so at special licensed bars and restaurants.

Alcohol is also being sold at an official FIFA Fan Festival. This will be held at a festival site outside of Doha. Beer will be served at this festival from 10am to 5am. It will also be available in private suites that will feature sommelier-selected wines and soft drinks.

Official World Cup partners Coca-Cola and Budweiser will also have products available for sale. Fans can also purchase alcohol at approved hotel bars. Alcohol will be sold at a premium price.

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