Six Shifts in the Security Industry

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The security industry is expanding at a rapid rate, thanks to the introduction of new technologies and shifting customer needs across industries. In fact, the role of security is evolving at a rapid pace, and the demand for professionals in this field has never been higher. A new report from Johnson Controls explores how leaders are defining security today and what solutions are needed to meet these needs. The study highlights six key shifts in the industry.

As the security industry has evolved and changed, security professionals have worked to develop new methods for providing enhanced protection to various kinds of industries. Many security industry organizations work to establish higher standards and develop training for their members. This helps protect government institutions, transportation and manufacturing industries, and a range of critical infrastructure. Security professionals can be found in a variety of professions, from specialized training to private security.

Cyber crime is a major threat to infrastructures across the world. These crimes disrupt technology, destroy data, and release highly classified information. Several countries have their own security industries, but most partner with associations and governing bodies from other countries. In addition to the threat of cyber crime, other emerging technologies offer new solutions to secure buildings, infrastructures, and critical systems.

Workplace safety is a key issue facing security industry workers. Nighttime hours are often times the most dangerous for security guards, as fewer people are in public areas. Crimes such as theft, vandalism, and violence become much more likely. This is especially true for security guards who work alone. While many security officers are trained in self-defense, they still need to remain vigilant throughout their shifts.

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