The Financial Services Institute

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The Financial Services Institute (FSI) is an association of independent financial services firms. Its mission is to provide affordable financial advice and products. Its membership includes more than 100 companies and 35,000 individual financial advisors. Its board and executive committee recently elected four new directors, including C. Kent Christian, Mary Beth Hofmeister, Bob Oros, and Chris Perry. Also new to the board are Evamarie Schodborn and Marc Squires.

The Financial Services Institute is located in New York City and is a leader in the highly regulated industry. It offers numerous non-credit pre-licensing programs that prepare graduates for careers in the financial services industry. It also maintains a comprehensive education program with professional designations and annual course renewals. In addition, the Institute’s programs have been certified by a number of professional organizations. As a result, graduates are eligible for certification in various financial services fields, including insurance, real estate, and mortgage loan origination.

The financial services institute’s graduate programs emphasize data science and analytics. The Institute brings together experts from both the academic and business worlds. The program aims to develop data-driven analytics tools for financial services companies. It also focuses on improving the customer experience and risk management of financial services organizations. Graduates will enter the field with the knowledge and expertise to turn data into value.

The Financial Services Institute provides services to independent financial advisers and financial services firms. Its membership includes 90 firms and 30,000 financial advisors. This organization’s website features a number of resources and maps. It had a difficult time updating these resources, so it partnered with the FiscalNote professional services team to consolidate the FSI’s content and make it more transparent.

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