What Is a Finance Calculator?

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A Finance Calculator is an electronic calculator that performs a variety of financial calculations. It has separate keys for many financial functions that make financial calculations easier to perform. These tools are also commonly referred to as business calculators. They are an excellent investment for businesses and individuals alike. Read on to learn more about these tools and their benefits.

A Finance Calculator can help you determine your ideal payment for a loan. Once you have input the principal amount and interest rate, the calculator will calculate your ideal payment amount. You can adjust the principal amount, interest rate, or term to determine the exact payment you’ll make each month. The Finance Calculator will also create an amortization schedule so you can see exactly what your payments will be over time.

The Finance Calculator is a useful tool for business owners, students, and accountants. It performs basic mathematical operations, such as time-value-of-money, interest conversions, delta percent, profit and loss, and amortization schedules. It also performs cash-flow analysis for up to 24 alternating cash flows. You can save and email your calculations for later use. Some calculators have memory function buttons for recording numbers. You can also print out your calculations if you prefer a hard copy.

Many Finance Calculator buttons and keys will be colored purple or gold. These are color-coded to help you identify them. These keys will also be used to shift through different functions. Some calculators have multiple functions and will let you select the one you want to perform.

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