What to Look For in a Handbag Auction

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Whether you plan on buying a high-end bag from an auction or just looking to add a new addition to your collection, there are certain things to look for. One of the most important things to look for is quality. Be sure to check the material, stitching, lining, and locks of the handbag before making your final purchase. Oftentimes, handbags come with authenticity cards. Ensure that the card matches the serial number and the manufacture date.

For example, in the UK, you can visit Christie’s St James’s auction house to bid on a range of high-end bags. The auction house is famous for its handbags and is launching its first dedicated handbag sale. There will be six auctions for handbags this year.

Sotheby’s is another auction house that specializes in rare handbags. Its specialists have a wealth of knowledge about each item they offer, so you can rest assured that you will receive a high-end piece. In addition to handbags, you can find luxury accessories and vintage items at Sotheby’s.

Sotheby’s offers free estimates online. They do this in order to help prospective buyers decide what to bid on a handbag. Their team also catalogues the bag and promotes it to prospective buyers. They also take care of packing, insurance, and pricing.

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