Yamini Investments – A Review

by admin

Firstly, I’m not going to go into much detail about Yamini Investments Company Limited. In short, it is a business investment company, based out of Delhi, India. The company engages in several different sectors, including investment, loans and advances, and the burgeoning retail space. Yamini has a presence in Singapore and Hong Kong, but its primary base of operations is in Delhi, with headquarters located at a swanky building in the capital’s central business district. The company reportedly has around a dozen partners and investors.

The company’s stock has been trading since the end of July, and is currently trading at a tad over a dollar a share. Its stock has seen more than its fair share of ups and downs. A recent survey by one of its competitors revealed that the company’s top notch customer service is a big draw. This, coupled with a healthy capital budget, has resulted in a thriving business that’s all the more surprising given its size. The company’s recent acquisition of a Singapore-based e-commerce startup is also a boon to its bottom line. The company is also a big fan of the latest mobile technologies. Its website has a wealth of information, including an FAQ section, which should serve as a source of further information.

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